Air Conditioning



We offer a thorough air conditioning service which is available on all makes and models. It is recommended that vehicles have this carried out every two years or 40,000 miles to maintain performance.

Air con refrigerant gas (R134A) is the name of the gas that circulates throughout the air conditioning system in your vehicle including the pump, condenser, receiver dryer and pipes.

Your vehicle’s air con should be regassed and the oil replaced in the compressor every two years. It helps maintain the life and quality of the system. It prevents bacteria build up on the internal condenser which can lead to bad odours in the cabin.

During the regas it is vacuum tested to check for any potential leaks. When a leak is found, we inject UV dye into the system. Using black light then enables us to find the cause of the leak.

There are three options available on this service:

Option 1

Air Conditioning Re-Gas
The vehicle is re-gassed, all elements checked (including the pumps) and pressure tested to detect potential leaks. UV dye is added if necessary.

£59 inc VAT

Option 2

Full Air Conditioning Service
The vehicle is re-gassed as described in option one but in addition the vehicle is given an air con refresh. This is an antibacterial flush to help maintain hygiene and eliminate stubborn smells.

£79 inc VAT

Option 3

Air Conditioning Refresh
An antibacterial flush which helps maintain hygiene and eliminate stubborn smells including pet odour.

£30 inc VAT