Alloy Wheel Refurbishment



Our alloy wheel refurbishment is a very popular service and we are always happy to provide consultations and guidance on colours etc. before proceeding.

Having your wheels refurbished can mean that your vehicle is off the road for the duration of the refurbishment. To alleviate the inconvenience of losing your vehicle, we have our own set of loaner wheels (and tyres) which suit most of the VAG range. These are fitted to your vehicle and lent to you as part of this service.

Each tyre is removed from the wheel and then the wheel taken off for the alloy to be acid dipped and stripped down to be filled where any dents, scratches, buckles or cracks may be. They are then powder baked with paint to give a high quality, lasting finish.

Once complete, we refit your tyres to your wheels and new valve is provided and the wheels are balanced.

Below are some examples of colours. These are available to be seen in our reception too.

We also do diamond cut wheels and steel wheels.